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Minutes from online meetings

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Minutes from online meetings in October and December could be found in the workspace. You can find them in the workpackage “Quality assurance”. In December meeting we agreed in detail how to move on with critical reviews and results of the interviews in each of the workgroups, before the meeting in Utrecht.

Final reports/ Wp3

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Final report (and table) are now downloaded under the Wp3.

Report includes important information for the critical reviews, so go and have a look 🙂

Wp 3/ analysis now in the workspace

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You can find the results of analysis (interviews) now in workspace, also the final number of interviews is located under the WP3. When reading and using the results of analysis, please be sure that you use the latest file; analysis/ name of the theme and date 14092014.

Treasure box for references opened

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All partners have received yesterday (4.9.2o14) a notification from Dropbox. A storage for critical review references and other references for the project will be located there called as Treasure box. There are separate folders to organise the references.  Hopefully all add the final references they have used in critical reviews and also other references you have found for the project, like articles on Master’s level issues, eLearning, emotional intelligence etc.

All other materials will be still stored here in workspace, not in the Treasure box.

Some material for Dublin

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Under the workpackage 3 you can find materials from Ingela and Henrika. Hopefully you all have some time to read them before meeting in Dublin (Results after analysis)!

Steering group meeting 7.-8.4.2014

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Tomorrow we will start with the steering group our first meeting here in Tampere. Hopefully all have landed safe as Lufthansa strike might have affected to some planns. Members of the steering group are listed now under the heading “Project” here in workspace. If you have burning questions or comments to them, just email Nina on Monday 🙂

Update and meeting in Dublin

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Hi all!

We have gathered 80 pages of data so far ! When the data from Nottingham is ready and combined with this amount we are probably around 100 pages. In a qualitative study this isn’t the most important thing, but I think we are also having interesting findings. In Dublin there are several matters to discuss when we take the next steps. I will be able to send you the agenda after next Tuesday, but so far we know that we’ll be starting around 9-10 on Wednesday morning 21.5 and we’ll end the meeting around 12-14 on Thursday. I hope that this helps when you are booking the flights.

Project meeting minutes

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Hi !

Our project meeting minutes could be found now under WP7 Quality Assurance.

We confirmed from the EACEA that it’s okay to change the plann for face-to-face meeting  till 2015

instead of September this year. They gave us green light on this decision 🙂