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January 2015

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Nice, productive meeting in Utrecht. Now we have first ideas for eLearning materials documented and we are moving on towards the actual production. Workgroups were working actively with these plans. Eventhough there were two persons absent from Promotion and prevention -group, plans for that one were also done further.

With Jan it was agreed that instead of two reports one from this workpackage is fine. We have the reports from workgroups, so an overall report from this workpackage will be done. Important issues were clarified: timetables for spring, authorships etc.

December 2014

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Everything doesn’t always go as planned…different kind of process is needed for external evaluation as no replies were received in time. Negotiations are now on their way with one of the candidates.

Project meeting Utrecht is just after the Christmas, preparations for that have started. In the beginning of the December we had online project meeting about the critical reviews. In the meeting it was agreed step-by-step how to proceed before meeting in Utrecht. In TAMK we have had meetings with Education Technology Services, so workpackage 5 has also started as planned. It will be soon halfway of the project and its time to start the planning of the new one !

November 2014

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External evaluation is getting closer and three candidates have been found. Invitations for tender are prepared and on their way to. Also external audit will be done in the beginning of the next year. Information from external evaluation and audit will be used in the progress report to EACEA.

Plans and timetables for project meeting in Utrecht were drafted in Horatio Festival with Jan, Riet, Roland and Henrika and sent then to others for comments. Critical reviews are on their way…

October 2014

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Steering group second biannual report was prepared and sent. Comments from the steering group have included only thanks for good work so far, only couple of members sent their comments. Gantt Charts weren’t so handy in all workpackages instead of them traffic lights were used in some part of the report.

October has still been a time to work with critical reviews in workgroups. Long project online meeting was held 3.10, next one will be in the beginning of December, before that there is a deadline 26.11 to send message to lead of this workpackage.

September 2014

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Workgroups in three different themes might have started their work in a bit different manner, we will get a more fully picture about this in the next online project meeting (early October). Partners are busy also with other activities and sometimes it seems to be hard to find time for review, but things are still moving ahead.

It’s time to finalise a biannual report to steering group. Tables for Gantt Charts are sent by Nina for comments and these are developed further for reporting and follow-up purposes. With leads of Quality Assurance, Dissemination and Exploitation there was extra online meeting to check the instructions from the Handbook, to ensure that those are covered and to avoid possible overlappings. with DIAK there was an extra meeting arranged to clear up the misunderstandings.

August 2014

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Some partners are on vacation, some back to work. Critical reviews are on their way, applying a new method raises questions and concerns. Leads of the each three workgroups have an important role here and of course Jan who is leading this workpackage and has provided us an example as well as instructions how to proceed. Technical solution for references has been discussed with Essi, resulting the opening of joint folder in Dropbox. Other materials will still be located here in the workspace.

In TAMK we have had a meeting with our eLearning Academy (previously Education Technology Services) and IT-department. A representative of eLearning Academy will join next project meeting in Utrecht, to help us to discuss right away about different tecnical options for materials.

July 2014

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Hot summer time, also in Northern countries -and yet most of the partners have found  time and energy to participate in email discussions concerning the WP by Utrecht. Jan has modified the plann, some texts has been sent to partners to read and discussions have been going on. Critical review is a new method for many, so discussions and agreements are highly important. Workgroups are starting their work, some are still on vacation, some are just starting.


June 2014

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In the Dublin meeting it was decided how to proceed with analysis of interviews: all agreed to read the analysis process and workgroups will send comments to Ingela and Henrika in Sweden. Some of these were a bit delayed. There has been a lot of emails concerning the planning of next WP and critical reviews. Articles and other reading has been sent to all to support the process. Summer vacations have started in some partner countries, but still most of the partners have been working for the project as agreed in Dublin.

May 2014

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Project meeting in Dublin; excellent hosting, lot of practical issues to talk about and decide. Unfortunately we were missing a representative from DIAK in this meeting. From the idea of more traditional literature review we move forward to critical review, approach suggested by Theo and an interesting learning experience also for most of the partners. Several practical issues were decided and agreed, therefore reading the minutes from this meeting is essential for all! Minutes could be found under the workpackage Quality Assurance.

April 2014

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Steering group met for the first time in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. They gave a good feedback to project and instructions on how to develop the things further, for example in using the risk management/traffic light system to visualise progress. After the first six months it seems that we are following the budget quite well and partners have become more familiar with invoicing practicies. Preparations for project meeting in Dublin are on their way. Some changes has been in the consortium.