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In the Issues in Mental Health Nursing

you can now find our article on

Working with Families Affected by Mental Distress:Issues in mental health nursing eMentheStakeholders’ Perceptions of Mental Health Nurses Educational Needs




MHP article_shadows Proud to present: eMenthe now also in Mental health Practice

Our publication could be now found in Mental health Practice





First international peer-review publication

by our consortium has been published in

Nurse Education Today NET article 2016 to website






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eMenthe in social media

Latest developments and news you can find in eMenthe’s facebook @ementheproject and in Twitter @eMenthe_eu. Link to our materials have now been included also in the website of European psychiatric nurses (Horatio)





eMenthe now also in Youtube !

Go and have a look our videoclips in Youtube. In the first videoclip you can hear how Anni, Master’s student in mental health care have found the eMenthe -materials.




suomenlinna-31082016Closing the project… but not eMenthe -materials!

Our project has ended, but materials will be available for you all for at least three year’s time. Hopefully you find them useful and helpful! Remember to follow us in Facebook and Twitter, there will be more activities! And if you need our flyer, just print it from the frontpage. You are very welcome to disseminate information on eMenthe.eu and the flyer is actually very handy as a bookmark, so print it also to yourself 🙂





elearning materials are now ready for you to use. You can access them directly: http://ementhe.eu or from the main page of this website. Some technical things will be added in the materials, so visit the site every now and then.



University of Nottingham

Project meeting 1.-2.3.2016

Our last project meeting was held in Nottingham. Productive meeting with focus on dissemination and exploitation issues. Thank you, our partners from University of Nottingham for excellent hosting!



under-construction websiteAlmost there !

eLearning materials are about to be published! Final contents and technical things are done and then they will be free for all to use. So, be patient for couple of more days 🙂





Merry Christmas!

Piloting phase has ended and we have started the modifications. It is time to have a break, enjoy the Christmas and then we are back again in the beginning of the 2016. Thank you all for participation in the piloting phase or other eMenthe-activities!




Picture piloting for the website


It has started; the piloting phase of the materials! Last week our Associate partners received a mail with instructions to access the first drafts of eLearning materials. Materials will be added weekly and comments are gathered online  with eForm all the time. This phase will continue until the end of November.




Since springtime it has been active time to operationalize the results of the interviews and critical reviews in different kinds of eLearning materials. It seems that we will end up with different kinds of texts, activities, animations, pictures, narratives etc. We’ll see, not all is yet finished. In October it will be time to pilot the materials. So Associate partners, you will hear from us soon 🙂



Halfway !Kesäkuva

In the end of the March our project reached the halfway and so it was time for external evaluation, external audit and progress report to EACEA.

The main thing is of course the eLearning materials, the final product of the project. This spring has been a very hectic time for planning and producing the first drafts on materials. This phase will continue towards early autumn. Then we will again contact our associate partners and ask their help in piloting of materials.


Utrecht Jan 2015Project meeting 7.-8.1.2015 in Utrecht

In January it was time to gather together the information on critical reviews and interviews -and then move on to the planning of eLearning material production. In Utrecht we make plans together and now this work continues in each of the partner organisations.

Thank you for hosting the meeting in your beautiful city, Jan, Riet and Roland!



October 2015

It has been -and still is- a hectic period in the project. Last spring 139 interviews were made in all partner countries. Results of those are now ready and we have moved on to the next phase of the project. Our Associate partners made the interviews possible and of course we hope that this good cooperation can continue when it’s time to pilot the first drafts of the eLearning materials. You can find here the  News for associate partners 1_2014.


Project meeting 21.-22.5.2014

After the interviews it was time to meet and see what we have done so far and decide practical issues with next steps. Altogether we have managed to gather an excellent data from all the participating countries. Now its time to move on with literature reviews.

Thanks to Trinity College Dublin and their team for excellent hosting !


Steering group picture for the website

Steering group meeting 7.-8.4.2014 in Finland, Tampere

Steering group met for the first time in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In this group we have representatives from each partner university and two external members -a group with a lot of expertiese and knowledge! And of course their feedback to project is highly valuable: we got very positive feedback about the activities so far and supportive advices also for the future.





First Information Gathering

First information gathering is almost finished. Students and teachers from seven different Universities were gathering data. Warm thanks to all of you who participated in different countries !





Members of Kick off websitethe consortium met 20.-21.11.2014 in Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The kick off -meeting started active working period in project. Now it’s time to start the interviews, which will provide us some of the content for the eLearning materials. Interviews with students will start this phase in each partner university. After students experienced nurses will be interviewed and then representatives from mental health service users’ and family organisations. This phase will continue until the end of February 2014.







Project started on the 1st of October

In the European Psychiatric Nurses (Horatio) conference at Istanbul 31.10-2.11.2013 we presented the project with a poster: “eMenthe: a European co-operation project to enhance Master’s level education in mental health practice with eLearning materials.” It was nice to find out how much interest our joint enterprise raised already; several questions were asked about the eLearning materials and their availability as well as the co-operation itself.