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Trinity College Dublin, Ireland:

Professor Agnes Higgins

Assistant Professor Louise Doyle

Assistant Professor Brian Keogh

Halmstad University, Sweden

Professor Ingela Skärsäter

Head of Nursing Department Henrika Jormfeldt

Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands:

Senior Lecturer Jan Sitvast

Program Manager Riet van Dommelen

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom:

Associate Professor Theo Stickley

Researcher Oonagh Meade

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland:

Principal Lecturer Heikki Ellilä

Senior Lecturer Mari Lahti

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Coordinator):

Principal Lecturer, Academic Coordinator Nina Kilkku

Financial Coordinator Annika Latva

International Coordinator Eeva Heikkilä

Associate partners

Project has associate partners in all participating countries.

These associate partners are mainly mental health service providers, service user or family organisations.

List of Associated Partners

Steering group

Each participating university have their representative in steering group. Besides them there are two external members.

Members of the steering group are:

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland:
Nurse Practice Development Coordinator Adam Kavanagh

Halmstad University, Sweden:
International Coordinator Ditte Sörensen

Utrecht University of Applied Science, Netherlands:
Senior Lecturer Roland van de Sande/
Manager in Institute of Nursing Studies Lya Djadoenath

University of Nottingham, United Kingdom:
Head of School of Health Sciences, Professor Patrick Callaghan

Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland:
Degree Programme Manager Pia Ahonen

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland:
Director of Education (Dean) Lea Yli-Koivisto

External members:
WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Promotion, Prevention and Policy
National Institute for Health and Welfare:
Director Pia Solin

The Finnish Association for Mental Health:
Director of Education
Eira Tikkanen

More information about the project

Academic coordinator Nina Kilkku


Acknowledgements to

Diaconia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, which participated part of the project