eMenthe was a multilateral EU-funded three year project (2013-2016, LLP/Multilateral projects).  Active project has now ended in the end of the September 2016, but the co-operation between partners continues as well as dissemination and exploitation activities of the project. And of course eMenthe eLearning materials are ready for everyone to use !

These open access materials were produced for Master’s level on three essential themes in mental health. The aim of this European co-operation was to enhance Master’s level education in mental health practice.

Although education and mental health service systems differ in many European countries the concerns and development needs regarding mental health practices are shared.  So it was wise to identify best practices and to share these for mutual benefit to ensure the highest quality education and practice.

The project was done in co-operation with two Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, one University of Applied Sciences from Netherlands, one Swedish, Irish and British University.

As the aim was to produce eLearning materials for students and educators, service users, families, practitioners our associated partners had an important role in the project. Warm thanks to them for all the support and information during the project; now the materials are online for anyone to use.

how-we-did-them Associate partners provided the information about the current and future needs in three different themes, piloted and commented the eLearning materials when they were under construction and now they are ready and could be used in different manners, like for example updating educational materials. So there is no program, no course, but materials which allows a flexible use in different countries and in different education systems.

With creative commons lisence the materials are now open and free to anyone to use. To help you to refer to them we created an authorship list, which you can find in the welcoming texts of the materials.

All the scientific publications by the project are presented in the News -page.

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Picture of Prezi to website

Here you can find a Prezi presentation on eMenthe-project and a short article published in the Coordinator’s journal about the project: “Mental health work is based on competence -online material to support work”





WHO2016 eHealth report

eMenthe -project could be now found as one of the examples of “eLearning in Health” in the WHO report 2016 on eHealth in the WHO European region “From innovation to implementation”





NET article 2016 to website

One of our international publications:

Stickley et al. 2016. From the rhetoric to the real: A critical review of how the concepts of recovery and social inclusion may inform mental health nurse advanced level curricula — The eMenthe project.  Nurse Education Today 37, 155-63.

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EADTU newsletter snap

The European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU) included us in their newsletter in June 2016. Read the whole newsletter here.








This project has been funded with support from the European Commission/ Life-long learning program. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.